Monday, 4 April 2011

A Shrug

I have been busy this week with various family commitments but was eventually able to finish a shrug for my daughter yesterday.  It is knitted in 4ply acrylic in chocolate brown. The pattern is from Machine Knitting Monthly March 2011 and was included in a section about the garter carriage.  I did not use the garter carriage for this but did use the ribber for the border.
The main body is basicly a rectangle of stocking stitch.The recommended border is knit on the ribber and you arrange the needles for 6x6 over 30 needles. Then you K8 rows.  Then transfer the ribber stitches to the main bed using the double eyes bodkin and the stitches on the main bed to the ribber. Knit another 8 rows and then complete the transfer again.  This sounded easy, but first of all I had trouble casting on the rib as described in the ribber book. My carriage was much too hard to push, so I had to remove it and start again.  Then I cast on using e-wrap, K1 row and transferred the stitches over 6x6 rib.  I had completed 3 of the transfer of stitches from the main bed to the ribber and then some stitches fell off!  I could not get them picked up and so, removed the knitting from the machine and just did the border in a 2x1 rib.


Please excuse quality of the photograph as the wool is so dark, I found it difficult to capture any detail.

There is also a pattern for a garter carriage shrug which I may try for myself in a lighter colour for the summer.

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