Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ashford Weaving Loom

Here is a picture of my Knitting Loom. The name is not accurate as you do not knit on it.  It is called a knitting loom because it folds in half and can be transported easily in a bag, similar to knitting. So far, I have made a small sampler, a bookmark and my latest full scale project is a fine scarf for myself.

Knitter's Loom

Fine Woven Cloth
The scarf is made from 3ply wool which I bought for machine knitting but have not as yet used. I thought it would be good for using up odd bits of yarn as you can add different textured yarns.
I am still getting to grips with it, but it is quite fun.


Polly Purl said...

Hi Andrea,
The knitting Loom looks like fun and as much as I love machine knitting I would love to have a go on one of these. Where did you get it from and would you recommend it?
Thanks Polly

Andrea said...

Hi Polly
Thanks for your comment. You inspired me to get blogging again. I have put some more pictures of my loom on my blog, if you can view it. Yes, I would recommend it - but may be get a wider loom.
Any more questions - just get in touch.