Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back to Blogging

Hi - I am have been very bad at ignoring my blog.  I have been away on holiday and then got tied up with family.  As a result, no time to blog or knit.  Well, when I say knit - I have about 4 projects on the go but very litle finished items.  Also, I bought myself a small loom when on holiday which was getting my attention for a while. The only item I have finished was a magazine holder which I got from a well loved blogger susy raynner  I still have to sew some bias binding down the seams but as yet have not had a chance ot go out and buy some. Here is a picture.

Hopefully, I will be blogging more regularly now.  Oh, also bought some new wool while on holiday and visited Metropolitan Knitting where I was able to stock up on a few items.  Will show you these later.

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Phil said...

Hi Andrea would be interesting to see what you bought from Metropolitan - whats it like? I need to go!