Monday, 23 May 2011

Chunky Jacket Finished

I have at last finished my Chunky Jacket which I blogged about on 3rd May.
I got all the pieces joined together and after seeing it made up, I decided not to add a long band  and collar as shown on the pattern, as I thought it looked a bit old fashioned.  I liked the way the wool naturally curled to form a sort of band (See photograph).  So, I only knit a band as far as the yoke.

I am quite pleased with it although the chunky wool is thick and quite heavy.  I liked the concept of only knitting square/rectangles and the way the wool direction changes.  I hope to measure and record the sizes of the sqaures and then re-create it in a 4ply yarn. It is ideal for a woven fabric as the shaping is minimal.

My next project of finish is my blanket made of squares which I am presently joining on the machine.  It is quite time consuming and I may not have enough wool but will keep you updated.

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