Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quick Waistcoat

This waistcoat is in the June 2011 issue of Machine Knitting Monthly.  It is a Bill King design.  What drew me to this pattern is that there is no sewing up. Yes, no sewing up!  (You just have a few ends)

You start at one end of a cord, increase for the main body, shape for sleeves and then cast on for the other cord.  I tried it in some old yarn and was completed in just over 2 hrs.  It weighs 162g, so perfect for used cones and fits from size 12 to 16.

I will need to check my stash for some nicer wool and maybe white for the summer and as it could be completed in a night - it would be quickly done.

Quick Waistcoat

Sleeve detail

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