Monday, 16 May 2011

Lacey Cardigan

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been busy and getting on with some projects.  At the moment I have 3 items on the go and have just finished this one.  It is a hand knitted lacey short-sleeved cardigan which will do me for this summer.  I started this just after Christmas in December 2009 for Easter 2010 and have only just finished it.  It is not that I am particularly slow at knitting - it is just that I amy only get about 1 hour a week to knit it.
The pattern is from Simply Knitting May 2009 and I knit it in King Cole Mirage which is a DK weight. The yarn is multi coloured and was quite nice to knit.  At times it got quite thin and I thought it may break, but it did not.  I like the double button effect and is light, soft and cosy.  It is a good addition to my wardrobe for cooler evenings in the summer.

Lacey Cardigan

Neckline and double buttons

Next, I hope to complete my chunky turquoise jacket which seems to be progressing quite well.

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