Sunday, 6 March 2011


After patterning my fish into my machine, I got to the exciting part of actually knitting them.
I knit a quick practice piece first, trying out the reverse button so they changed direction and after a few pattern corrections I got a finished fish.

Then I knit a square with a stripe from a pre-programmed pattern in Stitch World first, the two fish in the middle in single motif and finished it with another stripe.  I plan to do different variations and then sew these togethre to make a set of fishy cushions.

Sample Fish


Phil said...

They look cool. Ide love to have a go on an electronic machine, allthough im worried ide get confused how to use it. Im so used to how my punchcard machines work it would be very strange. Thats the great thing about electric machines - you probably wouldnt be able to do this on a punchcard machine. Ive seen a few nice patterns that ide love to do but then it says the pattern is for electronic machines.

Andrea said...

Thanks for your message. I have just put on pics of the finshed cushion. I suppose I am used to my electronic now but as you can see I have not yet used it to its full potential yet (only had it for about 10 years!). I have a chunky punchcard machine as well and you can make some equally nice patterns.