Friday, 11 March 2011

Fishy Cushion 1

I got my cushion finished!

On the first side I centred the two fish and knit them as a single motif - as it was quite plain I added another pattern in red.

The second side was more complicated.  The first pattern was 1 fish placed to the far left, then 2 fish side by side and slightly to the right of the first fish and then 2 more fish above that again.  I knit these in brown, mustard and brown repectively.
Above this were 2 angel fish which took me 3 attempts to get right and I learnt that I had to programme my electronic as mirror image, reverse, double width and double height.
Finally, sewed the cushion up and added 2 tassels to finish.

I plan to make another one with more pattern sequences

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