Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pattern Exercise

For my next NI Knitting Guild meeting I have to do a small item on My Favourite.......punchcard.  Well, I don't really have a favourite but I was advised to pick a punchcard and tuck it, slip it, fairisle etc to get different patterns.  I have a Brother 940 Electronic so I choose Stitchworld Pattern No 234 which is a tuck and played with this.  I cast on 70 sts and completed a sampler as follows:
  • Tuck 2 complete patterns - Result - a nice tuck which would make a nice edging for the bottom of a garment
  • Slip - Result - a light pattern on the fabric which was not appealing
  • Fair Isle - Front of Fabric would again suit the bottom of a garment and the reverse side was interesting but due to the nature of the pattern left large floats
  • Fair Isle again - but on the reverse side, I lifted the floats about every 4 rows and caught these onto a needle producing a more pleasing fabric
  • Fair Isle again - but I reversed the colours
  • Weaving - produced a nice fabric but again I had long floats which I cut and pressed going up as they seemed to want to sit like this. This is a technique Iris Bishop showed me at the Machine Knitting Guild. This gave like an American Indian blanket look.
Conclusion : Was successful for Tuck, Fair Isle, Fair Isle lifting floats and weaving cutting floats

I will now label this sampler and keep it for future use.  This is a really good exercise to try with different punchcards.

Reverse Side of Sampler

Front Side of Sampler

Tuck Stitch

Reverse of Fair Isle with pulled up floats

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